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Rumsey and Bugg, Attorneys

4421 Irvington Road
Irvington, VA 22480

(804) 438-5588

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(804) 438-5588

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Attorneys at Rumsey and Bugg are available to assist families with protecting assets for a disabled family member and to prevent the loss of current and future eligibility for state and federal benefits programs through the Special Needs Trust services.

Special Needs Trusts are trusts created to shelter assets for the benefit disabled persons.   A trust can be created when a person wins a personal injury lawsuit and received a money judgment or parents who wish to provide funds to support the disabled child during the balance of the child's life.  The trust can manage resources for a person with a disability (physical or mental), while maintaining the individual's eligibility for public assistance benefits. The family leaves whatever resources it deems appropriate to the trust and the trust is managed by a trustee on behalf of the person with the disability. The Special Needs Trust can pay for needs that go beyond food, shelter and clothing and the medical support services of Medicaid.  The Special Needs Trust would be set up to supplement, not replace public benefits.

Serves Northern Neck area.  Please call for more information.


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